Stucco Remediation

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Stucco can make a home's exterior look beautiful, but do you know what damage it can cause to your home as it ages? If your stucco was installed over ten years ago, it is important that you are aware of the risks: many homeowners in the tristate area have experienced mold growth and deterioration to the wood framing of their homes.

At Stofan Construction, our contractors offer stucco remediation services. Our professional team will repair any damage to the wood framing of your home caused by inappropriately installed stucco. In most cases, we replace the siding of your home with Craneboard 7 Insulated Siding. Contact us today so we can address your siding problems once and for all.

Common Stucco Pitfalls

Just because your house was built to code doesn't mean it is safe for you and your family. Throughout the 50's and 60's, it wasn't uncommon to see asbestos siding and insulation. In the 70's, lead paint was regularly used throughout households. Lately, we have seen a lot of stucco installed without proper ventilation or drainage precautions in place. When installed directly on your home's wooden framing, mold and wood rot become incredibly common.

When homeowners discover that their stucco siding has caused a lot of damage, they often ask who is responsible. Unfortunately, blaming the builders is not currently an option; they are not taking responsibility, have filed for bankruptcy or are not at fault. This puts the cost of repairs on the homeowner experiencing the problem. Although class action lawsuits have been filed, many have not provided homeowners with the proper funds necessary to repair their homes or been completely unsuccessful.

Recommended Solutions

The methods required to properly install stucco are incredibly costly. At Stofan Construction, we typically recommend replacing your stucco with CranceBoard 7 Insulated Siding. This product is better suited to our temperate climate and requires very little maintenance. A quick rinse with the garden hose will remove most accumulated debris.