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Stofan Construction offers a roof inspection unlike any other roofing contractor. All of our roofing inspections come with a roofing warranty certificate.

Tips to select right shingles for your roof

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Select an Attractive Style

Your roof can comprise up to 50% of your home's exterior. and can have a tremendous impact on the overall look of your home. With that in mind, you should approach your exterior color choices with the same care as you choose interior colors for your home.

Choose A Complementary Color

If you look closely at the shingle color blend you choose, you'll see a combination of different colors. For example, a seemingly gray shingle could actually be a blend of gray, green, brown or black granules. By "pulling out" individual granule color(s), and using this color for other exterior elements like siding, paint, trim, brick and entryways, your entire exterior will look coordinated and complementary. And your home's appeal from the street will dramatically increase.

Here are some tips regarding shingle color:

  • Complementary colors and shades -- highlight any architectural style, bringing out the beauty of brick, siding, exterior paint and trim.
  • Darker color blends -- provide contrasting color for accenting windows, doors and other architectural elements.
  • Lighter color blends -- simplify a home's lines and angles, making the home appear larger.