Fall should be back to school not back to cleaning gutters

To protect your gutters from clogging Stofan Construction install the newest protection systems as well as traditional gutter guards.

Berger Bros Co. Gutters & Gutter Guards

Berger Bros Co. Gutter Guards

Berger offers a large selection of gutter protection systems that help eliminate clogged gutters and downspouts. In addition to drop-in, hinged, lock-on and snap-in models, Berger carries the Gutter Shingle. Gutter guards and covers are available for use with K-style and Half Round gutter.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in painted aluminum, copper, painted steel, galvanized steel and paint grip
  • Installs on new or existing gutter systems
  • Looks great on any home

Available Styles:

  • K-Style Lock-on
  • K-Style Drop-in
  • K-Style Gutter-shingle
  • Half Round Hinged Gutter Guard
  • Diamond Gutter Shield Pro
Berger Quality Building Products

Copper Gutters

Copper Drainage System

Copper gutters are not only the most durable products available but they also ad beautiful detail to your exterior. Copper turns different shades and colors over time when exposed to the oxygen in the atmosphere. In a normal environment, copper will turn from a shiny new penny look to dark brown within the first year. Over the next 30-75 years, copper will turn from a streaky green to a darker greenish color

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Waterfall Gutter Guard System

The WaterFall has proven effective in eliminating gutter clogging and debris buildup while maintaining water flow, even in extreme downpour conditions. The Waterfall System is designed to slide under any shingled roof surface and adjust to any pitch of roof or gutter. The WaterFall Gutter Guard System. It keeps your gutters clear, while moving water off your roof and away from your home.

Key Features:

  • Innovative "step" design that can handle up to 10 inches of rain per hour
  • Low profile appearance that lasts — no change to the roofline
  • Manufactured from durable vinyl
  • Perfect for 4" and 5" K-style gutters with special adapters for use with 6" K-style gutters too

Waterloov Gutter Guard

Keep debris from entering your gutters and increase the curb appeal of your home by installing this ingenious product. Waterloov's gutter protection comes in over eighteen colors to match the color of your home and bring your roof line and gutter line together.

Waterloov Gutter Guards

Stofan Construction professionals install The WaterFall and traditional gutter/downspout systems.

For initial consultation and estimate, call us at (215) 269-6805 or contact us online.

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